Unique taste from The Swedish west coast

The salty sea of the coast of Bohuslän is a perfect environment for the sea squirt, Ciona intestinalis – an anemone-like aquatic animal that is grown in the same way as mussels are.

At Marine Taste, we take advantage of the sea squirt’s fantastic properties and flavors. As it grows, it contributes to a cleaner sea. After harvest, it becomes a delicious flavor enhancer.

Our product consists of 100 percent natural raw material – no additives. Try it and discover the rich taste of umami and soft marine aromas with a distinct saltiness.

The taste effect of kokumi is clear. An English translation of the Japanese word koku can be “mouth filling”.

2019-10-24: We got 5 out of 5 forks in the magazine “Allt om Mat!” We are proud and very happy; “Ultimate umami”.

A perfect gift for those interested in food. Just enter the gift recipient’s address in the online store section, and we will send immediately. It will arrive the next day at a DHL service center. Otherwise let us know if you want it delivered to the door, or have other requests, and we will solve it

Ciona Crème, 258 kr

Ciona Umami Fond, 158 kr